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Safety Sensors Repair/Replacement

Safety sensors, also called photo eyes or sensor beams operate by using an infrared beam. They keep the door from closing when they sense an object passing through them. The common causes when safety sensors fail to function properly or do not operate at all are obstructions that they sense and misalignment of the sensors’ photo eyes.

Expert Garage Door Safety Sensor Services TOUCHDOWN

If you are not able to determine the actual cause of your safety sensors issues, let alone fix them, you can ask the services of the Touchdown KC Garage Door experts. We can ascertain the exact cause of your sensors’ fault. We can line up the photo eyes correctly if we find their alignment thrown off, clean one or both the lenses in the photo eyes, or fix the unit when warranted.  We recommend replacement after we confirm that your safety sensors are beyond repair.

Call us to get a professional diagnosis and action on your garage door safety sensors issues.          

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