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Keypad Programming and Installation

A wireless keypad for a garage door opener is the easiest and most convenient way to access the garage without a key or remote control. It works for modern door openers manufactured after the ‘90s. The keypad consists of a button remote that r requires a security code to open the door. 

Expert Installation and Programming of Keypads TOUCHDOWN

If you desire a keypad used with your garage door opener for the convenient use of all your family members, you can call Touchdown KC Garage Door for its installation and programming. We can recommend the right wireless technology for your keypad that will be compatible with your existing door opener. We work with leading brands universal door opener keypads that work with most models of major door openers. We’ll install the keypad at a convenient spot, program it, and check that it can open and close the garage door.

For your keypad and other garage door system needs, contact Touchdown KC Garage Door, the experts in garage doors. 

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