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TOUCHDOWN KC Garage Door Repair offer the best in garage door repair, garage door openers, springs and more. Our rates are competitive, and no hidden fees. Our employees are friendly and will help you every step of the way. TOUCHDOWN Garage is Licensed,Insured,Highly Trained and experienced garage door service. We provide Mobile emergency repair Service for residential garage doors and garage door openers. We are reliable garage door experts and our goal is your customer satisfaction.

Our Services Include:

* New Garage Doors
* Torsion Springs
* Residential Doors
* Weather Seals
* Garage Door Openers
* Track Alignments
* Overhead Doors

The most apparent reason to replace your garage door is that it doesn’t function properly and is a possible danger. A garage door is a heavy moving wall that, over a period of time, has a greater and greater possibility for danger. Remember, the accident rate for garage doors is very high. You need to switch the door before it adds to those figures.​
Another reason to replace your garage door is that you hope to create a good first impression into your house. When someone comes up to your driveway, the garage door is one of the first things they’ll see. Doors that are dented, rusted, have cracks or are peeling paint, produce a poor first impression of your home. 
Maybe you just want a new garage door merely because the door panels are deteriorating and you are tired of frequently maintaining them.

Residential garage doors from TOUCHDOWN KC Garage Door Repair offer a reliable and long lasting product that can significantly improve the design and curb appeal of your home. You can choose from hundreds of design choices to find the perfect match for your house. From energy efficient insulated steel doors to custom crafted carriage house wood doors, we are sure to have the model to meet your specific needs.  

TOUCHDOWN Garage Door Repair guarantee complete satisfaction The latest technologies have created our everyday lives much simpler and better, only by pressing a control button you can close and open our garage door. There are certainly differences in garage door openers, a lot more nowadays than previously. There’s no doubt that a really good understanding of garage door opener features and styles could possibly have enabled you to invest in a premium quality product. The first thing to give consideration to when choosing an opener will be the generate unit. There are various selections involving great openers for any needs and financial budgets. You can find three important versions: belt drive, chain drive and direct drive. ​
If you’ve got living areas just above or adjacent to your garage, it might be crucial to give consideration to sound output. Some kind of garage door openers tend to be way noisier than the others. Keeping the garage-door mechanical well lubricated would also have working sounds low.
Direct drive methods are generally by far the most solid since there are no belts that can break or chains which may loosen up in the future. If you can possibly afford to pay a comparatively high price, you might get the best option, the belt drive motor unit. It is completely quiet and runs in high-speed, therefore, it won’t take you long to go in or exit from the garage. If there is a living room above or next to the garage and noise may be a consideration a Belt drive will be your smart choice. However, if you can’t afford to pay for it, you’ve got 2 more methods: the first is going to be screw drive, which is not that expensive although isn’t as silent and quickly as the belt one also. The second option is the chain drive. It’s the most popular amongst most of the clients, who usually don’t mind the noises. Simply because it’s working with a chain, it makes lots of noises. 

You can always rely on TOUCHDOWN KC Garage Door Repair to repair your garage door. With our knowledge and experience in the garage door field, you’ll know your door will be fixed correctly. Our garage doors repairs technicians are actually fully trained in all of the features of garage door repairs, so no matter what the main problem is, our staff can get it sorted out speedily. Our techs are fully equipped, which means you won’t have unwanted delays with all the repair service to wait for that tech to come back to the spot with the ideal instruments, our techs are always ready for anything in kansas City.

Garage door springs go through big amounts of tension as they assist to lift and shut a garage door many times on a daily basis, which ends up in a weakness of the materials and final damage. Garage door torsion spring repair is actually a hard process, which includes substantial skills, the proper instruments and training.Torsion springs may be found in various dimensions and used as a counterbalance of the garage door. Nonetheless, springs do have a life-cycle. After many years of standard use, day after day, the springs fatigue. A spring common life-span changes around 5-10 years of day after day use. They begin to be more brittle and may even break down. Perhaps you now think about what the garage door torsion spring replacement prices are. That will depend about how big the assignment is nevertheless, you can be sure our company will offer you the ideal prices for the task.
Every one of the torsion springs are produce of oil tempered cable and coated with a fresh dark preventive finishing to help minimize corrosion. The spring ought to be positioned directly above the door on a bar known as the shaft. Garage components are important security assets, that secure your home and springs are huge parts responsible for the safe opening up of your garage door panel. Keep in mind that the openers don’t actually do all the work to lift a door. In fact, they do very little effort. The enormous springs that are parts of the garage door hardware are built to raise the door. It’s really important that the springs be appropriately altered so that the engine of the opener will not wear out too soon. Do not set garage door springs your self. You must not try to tamper with torsion springs or extension springs as they hold tremendous amount of strength. This is actually a job for a qualified professional.

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