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Garage Door Openers Installation & Repair

Garage door openers provide the ultimate convenience from your automatic garage door. Assign its installation or repair only to qualified professionals for your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Expert Garage Door Opener Services  TOUCHDOWN

You cannot go wrong choosing Touchdown KC Garage Door for your garage door opener services. We have over 30 years of experience and have successfully faced the challenges with all types of garage door openers. We can install and repair with belt-drive, chain-drive, screw-drive, jackshaft-drive, and direct-drive openers. If you have an opener that malfunctions or ha stopped functioning, our garage door opener experts can diagnose the source of the problem, which can be one or more of dozens of likely causes. We can determine whether the issue is related to wiring, safety sensor, battery, or other parts. We can likewise conclude if your unit is within repair or is dying needs a new replacement.

Let us make your garage door opener work for your complete convenience and satisfaction. Contact us for free consultation and quote.    

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