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Garage Door Broken Overhead

Under no circumstance should you attempt to troubleshoot problems with a garage door that got broken overhead; it poses great safety risks to you and other family members when something worse crops up. Calling for a professional to come and fix your broken garage door is the prudent action to take.

Expert Garage Door Repair  TOUCHDOWN 

Touchdown KC Garage Door can perform the necessary troubleshooting and repair to bring your garage door back to its smooth and efficient operation. We follow a strict and safe procedure in the repair of broken garage doors that got stuck while closed or open and overhead. 

You’ll be refrained from getting near the broken door being checked and repaired. Our procedure will allow us to check every component of your garage door system to pinpoint where the problem comes from and address its root cause. We go through the opener, remote and keypad, sensors, torsion springs, and the camera then perform the necessary repair for the affected part.   

Our team of professionals can quickly identify issues with your garage doors and provide you with appropriate solutions. Contact us now.

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