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Garage Door Bent Tracks Corrected

Bent garage door tracks commonly result from hard objects such as rakes, spades, and other tools getting stuck in the track on the door’s closing. Failure to correct the problem can lead to more serious damage and structural problems. Bent garage door tracks and other track issues must be addressed quickly, safely, and without costing you a significant amount of money.

Expert Garage Door Track Repair TOUCHDOWN

Call Touchdown KC Garage Door for the immediate correction of your bent tracks and other garage door issues. Safety is our primary concern when we fix bent tracks. We open the garage door to take the pressure off the springs. The door is secured to prevent it from moving. We then straighten the bent track with our special tools, requiring removing it and putting it back in position after the straightening process. If the steps prove impossible, it is only then that we recommend replacement of the track with a new one. 

Garage door bent tracks should not linger. Call Touchdown and expect to have your garage door operating normally in no time.   

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