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Broken or Bent Rollers

Bent rollers create a loud noise when your garage door moves while broken rollers can stop your garage door from closing. You face great safety risks from a door possibly falling if you try to remove rollers.

Expert Garage Door Rollers Repair TOUCHDOWN

Touchdown KC Garage Door has over 30 years of experience to gain expertise in all aspects of garage door installation and repair. We can work with all types of rollers such as the black nylon rollers, which support the weight of the door and the more efficient and durable ball bearing steel rollers. When worn-out rollers are not replaced soon enough, the top part of your garage door may suffer damage from bearing with more resistance. Your door opener can also stop operating, working so hard compensating for the rollers’ issues. 

We will check each roller installed in your garage door and evaluate which needs to be replaced. After we have made the necessary replacement, you can expect a more quiet and smooth door operation.

Contact Touchdown KC Garage Door for a quick and high-quality garage door roller. Call us at 913-535-8848. 

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